Welcome to Altaar!

The World

The various lands of Altaar are almost completely independent. Trade between continents is slim, as vessels are either pirated by thieves or opposing nations, or attacked by various monstrosities in the oceans or wilderness.

By Continent

  • Cerulean Empire|Blue
  • Cirodel and the Cinder Isles| Purple
  • Howling Spires| White
  • Irithas| Pink
  • KhaldÅ«r|Orange
  • Malakhor and the Archipelagos of Winds|Green
  • Talerinn and Meteor Island|Gold

By Economy

  • Golden Age|Steel weaponry, access to gunpowder
  • Silver Age| Iron weaponry, understanding of magic
  • Bronze Age| Stone weaponry, primitive wild magic

By Race

  • Aarakocra| White
  • Dragonborn| Cyan
  • Dwarf| Black
  • Elf| Green
  • Gnome| Pink
  • Goliath| Gray
  • Human| Blue
  • Minotaur| Yellow
  • Hobgoblin| Red
  • Tiefling| Orange

Welcome to Altaar!

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