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Welcome to Altaar!

Talerinn is in turmoil. After years of peace and prosperity between warring nations, the disappearance of a ruling party has left all sides divided. With Emperor Kshara gone and the capital city deserted, the racial tensions have divided all of the people. War has torn into the lives of all Taleri, and feuds old and new have pushed armies into motion.

The Creation of the World

The Greater Pantheon, known as the Order of Nine, helped to construct the beautiful lands of Altaar. Each of the Nine had a hand in crafting a land and its people, though the precarious nature of the world left the races to develop freely. Beyond the Nine are the lesser gods, the Infinity Divinum. Hundreds of gods, born from the cataclysmic clashing of the Nine. The Order of Nine watch over Altaar, enlisting their champions and demigods to be their hands of might for the people they divined.

The Beautiful Lands of Talerinn

The magnificent and beautiful lands of Talerinn are like facets on a brilliant gem, each region with its own marvelous luster. From the bright Verdant Hills of the west to the flourishing Gilded Veldt of the east, Talerinn has shown itself worthy to be a home to all races. If only they could see the value of this bountiful land.

All Hail the Great Kings

With the disappearance of the gentle Emperor, the kings have come back into their own power. Battlefields have torn through hamlets and stricken towns, all to show force and take from their neighbors. While armies gather at the borders, kings conspire with their advisors to expand their rule.

The Strong Taleri

Kingdoms are built of the hard working backs of its people. The Taleri are a strong people, able to endure anything the universe has to throw at them. Every race distinguishes the lands of Talerinn, each one bringing a unique touch to its culture and people. With wars driving people apart and hindering truly great development.

Main Page

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