The Creation of the World

The Gods

Talas|LG|Light, Life|Iridescent phoenix
Hræfn|NG|Nature, Tempest|Bearded man with winged helmet
Sur|CG|War, Knowledge|Hand on a claymore hilt
Baal|LN|Death|Half skull in empty black robes
Midnin|TN|Knowledge, Nature|Tree with full roots knotting into a circle
Obethek|CN|Life|Stone hound with antlers in vines
Nubek|LE|Tempest, Trickery|Beautiful woman with fiery hair
Grthlnk|NE|Knowledge|Great eye surrounded by dozens of eyes
Balthagas|CE|War, Death|Spear, scimitar, flamberge and flail crossing

Alora|CN|Light|Flower head in a wine cup
Balatar|LG|Light|Rays of light beaming from fist
Banished|CE|Trickery|Chains across an abyss
Bardall|NG |Trickery|Lute with bright blue strings
Bron|NG|War|Tall wooden tower shield
Caidan|CE|War|Soldier with missing eye and large scar
Daerolon|CN|Life|Branch with cherry blossoms
Draask|CE|Death|Dragon skull
Drethnir|LN|Knowledge|Sword embedded in stone
Eodrin|NG |War|Golden gauntlet
Eurithes|NG|Knowledge|Two open tomes making a semicircle
Filial|CG|Nature|Black sword in a bed of autumn leaves
Infuri|CG|Tempest|Lightning bolts from cloud
Kabalor|LE |Life|Beetle with four wings
Kshara|CG |Light|Three eyed owl mask
Memory|N|Knowledge|Three spirals of water
Olorith|CE|Tempest|Orb staff spiraled by four elements
Sebet|N|Knowledge|Red shroud standing empty
Urthal|NG|Death|Skull with rose engravings
Valurial|CG|Knowledge|Water from decanter into a stone bowl

The Creation Story

The first being in existence was O Mnithōht. He existed before Time, and so he cannot die.

His first children were monstrosities born from his mind. Grthlnk, Nubek and Balthagas became the lords of Aberrations, Infernal and Abyssal. These three clashed, creating Chaos.

His next children were born from his body and what might exist as a soul. Talas, Baal, Obethek, Sur, Hræfn, Midnin.

They became the Nine, the greater deities that formed the world. Their children would be the lesser deities, the Infinity Divinum. Each of them influenced a part of the world to their own design. The diversity of the gods would create cultures on land, including the various races that walk the earth.

The Creation of the World

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