All Hail the Great Kings


Old King Baylor – Great grandson of King Belor, who lost his capital city when the Emperor vanished, leaving King Baylor to keep a kingdom without a castle. King Baylor can be found running the rest of his kingdom from Vestige, a town recently built south of the Forsaken Valley.

King Baylor wants nothing more than to force down the walls of his ancestor’s city and returning his kingdom to greatness, but with the war igniting the ties he has taken so many years to earn and build, the old king has been brought to the verge of madness in his old age. He has no children to pass on his great-grandfather’s title, and without a seat of power his lands would become forfeit to neighboring kingdoms.

King Garredin – King of the eastern island of Damasce, King Garredin has forged his kingdom on years of relationships between humans, elves and dwarves. His island is home to Mount Oridius, which has been discovered to be an incredible source of gemstones and gold. While many of the kingdoms of Arandir have been hoping to expand and settle into the wild ranges around their kingdoms, King Garredin has been pushing to repopulate the island’s forests and natural inhabitants.

Many of his resources have been put to making his lands more prosperous, despite the war brewing around him. His son, Prince Erik, has been protecting their borders from invaders across the Sea of Glass, allowing King Garredin to focus his efforts on reuniting Arandir and all of their lords and nobles. The seat of the High King, where the Ruins of Dain are located, will be moved to the capital of the king who deems himself worthy to lead the nation.


Hundred Willows




Thundering Heights



All Hail the Great Kings

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