The continent of Talerinn is in turmoil.

Prince Erik rallying his troops under the Damascian banners.

The Kings of Arandir have begun to amass their armies. To the north, elves have begun to expand into human territories. To the west, hobgoblins have found a crossing through the Land of Giants and have taken hamlets in the fiefdoms of Grimault and Jovale. To the south, the dwarves have demanded their own land to begin their kingdom in Duradin’s Hall. Tensions have begun dividing the human kings, and their demarcations have driven them to hostility.

King Garredin of Damasce has his solution. The lands of Arandir need a sole ruler, one who can return humans to their rightful rulership as one kingdom. In one month’s time, King Garredin of Damasce will sit with King Jariyl of Grimault, Baron Rivers of Jovale, Old King Baylor of Dain and King Agraven of Talenoir to determine who should begin the new High King’s Dynasty.

Princess Naruil and her extraordinary battalion known as Wyvern Knights.

The elves have grown restless in their forest halls. For too long they have been obliged to share their precious resources with gnomes and minotaur in Nymirith, giving up land for the larger populations to settle comfortably. Just before the Emperor disappeared, the elven nobles began to feud over which of the families should be the ruling house. Now with Emperor Kshara gone, the real battles began. For a hundred years the blood feuds ravaged the families, their bannermen equally torn between such ancient and prestigious houses.

Sildorel, the Blood King, brought all of the noble families to kneel before him. His might was unmatched, and his rule unmistakable. He inspired awe, and broke the bannermen of all houses to unite under his red banners, though most succumbed to fear of his wrath upon them. He dictated the every move of the elves within the Land of Eternal Autumn, until his untimely death left his rulership in his daughter’s hands, Faedrewyn, who named her capital city after her father. She appointed her twin-brothers Wyllow and Ashoran as Lords of Summer and Fall, and her sister Nelda as the Lady of Winter. The four of them divided the rule of Rhunenya evenly among them, which only proved to strengthen the relations of the elven people.

Queen Faedrewyn has declared war against the human Kings of Arandir, furious at their accusation that her claim on her land is false, and her title worthless. Princess Naruil, a proficient battlemage in the lands of Rhunenya, has begun fortifying Saratesurasil in the event that their army needs to strike swiftly against the armies of Arandir. Meanwhile her twin brothers have been at odds determining how to reunite Nymirith and Rhunenya under the Elven banners.

The Cipher, Protector and Shield Guardian of Emperor Kshara.

The party has come across an ancient construct bearing the insignia of the Emperor on his armor. Forged from a fallen star, the Cipher holds an untapped wealth of knowledge, but is growing weak without the presence of the Emperor. He needs the party to help him collect the Remnants, pieces of life force that Emperor Kshara instilled in the Twelve Heroes to unite the twelve races of Talerinn. Giving up some of their own vitality, the party helps renew the Cipher, in order to help him continue his work and bring the Emperor back to Talerinn.

The Wonders of Talerinn